The Peacock Society

The Peacock Society is a collection of 10,000 handcrafted peacock NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. While peacocks are known to be proud and arrogant, these creatures in the metaverse are nothing like that. They are down-to-earth and yearn for a human owner.

How to get one?

You can mint a peacock through this website or buy from Opensea in the secondary market. Each peacock is for sale at 0.05ETH.

Our Roadmap

0% – Launch private discord channel, twitter & website set-up

10% – Conclude pre-sale and public sale

20% – Raffle giveaway of 2% of total primary sale (<10 Eth) to peacocks with randomly selected traits. Hold on to your peacocks to enter the giveaway.

30% – 6% (<30Eth) from primary sale will be used to buy and stake cakes in pancakeswap. The returns from staking will go to the community’s treasury (returns from staking cakes is currently at ~73.56% APY)

40% – 2% (<10 Eth) from primary sale and 1% of secondary sales proceed will go to the treasury to create future promos, events, and stabilize the floor where required.

60% – Launch of Peacock Society merch. 100 randomly selected peacock owners will receive free merch!

80% – Airdrop: Special companion and accessories.

100% – DAO set-up for community to vote and decide on the future direction & strategy of the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are targeting to launch pre-sale on 19 Oct and public sale on 20 Oct

0.05eth per peacock

at this moment, we will only be giving 1000 pre-sale slots to early supporters and 200 as prizes for giveaway raffles/invite competition .

Pre-sale slots will be given to early supporters, giveaways promo, and those who manage to invite 5 members to the channel.



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